Terms & Conditions

Art.1 Competition Objectives

The International Art and Design Ceramics Competition, at its first edition, is run by Officine Saffi with the objective of highlighting and promoting the use of ceramics in contemporary art, design and furnishing, providing a privileged viewpoint of the current state of visual and technological innovation in these areas.

OS Project is a multifaceted cultural project, an architectonic envelope that encloses art, workshops and publishing projects, located in central Milan. It includes the Ceramic Arts Gallery – Officine Saffi with the objective of promoting ceramics in their most sophisticated form, namely works of art, by new artists as well as artists of consolidated fame from both Italy and abroad, the workshop OS Lab, used for practical workshops led by important ceramic artists. And the publishing project with the magazine La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo, a magazine with an international outlook dedicated to traditional and contemporary ceramics in all their forms and expressions.

The competition is promoted and organized as part of the Officine Saffi mission.

Art.2 Criteria for Admission

The International Contemporary Art and Design Ceramics Competition is open to all contemporary artists, of any nationality; applicants can be individuals or groups.
There are no limitations as regards the age of the artist, and the theme of the work.

The competition is in two sections:

Fundamental criteria in the selection will include the work’s quality, research, originality and contemporary relevance.

To take part, there is an application fee of 40 euro.

Each applicant has to present a valid identity document. For works made by a group of artists, the group has to nominate a representative who will be their point of contact with the competition at all stages.

Art.3 Conditions and Instructions for participation - Deadline postoponed at 6 january 2014.

Each applicant can present one work for each section. Artists can send images of other works, in addition to the work entered into the competition, in order to provide an idea of the artist’s style.

Works can be made in any ceramic technique. Works that include other materials are accepted as long as clay is the principal material used. Artists are required to declare that they made and own the works presented, that said works have been made during the last two years, and that they have not been presented in other competitions. If these conditions are not met, the Jury and Officine Saffi reserve the right to exclude the works from the exhibition and, if the respective work has won a prize, to cancel the assignment of the prize. Works should be contained within the maximum dimensions of 100x100x100 cm. There are no limitations on participation. When choosing works for the final stage of the competition, the Jury are permitted access to the applicants’ curricula.

Applicants can download the application form from the website www.laceramicainitalia.com, and should send the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For definitive confirmation of participation, a printed version of the duly compiled application form and a CD-Rom should be sent in a sealed envelope to the competition office; the CD-Rom should contain:

  • A maximum of three images of the work presented [in jpg, gif or png format, 72 dpi, together with a description (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in centimetres, value of the work in euro)]

  • A dossier on the artist’s work [in jpg, gif or png format, 72 dpi, together with descriptions (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in centimetres, value of each work in euro)]

  • Curriculum Vitae including the artist’s training and any eventual exhibitions

  • Copy of the artist’s identity document

  • Receipt of payment of the admission fee The documents should be in pdf format.

    In order to gain acceptance for the competition, the complete application (compiled and printed application form, CD with images, curriculum vitae, photocopy of an identity document, receipt of payment of the application fee) should be dated and signed by the applicant, and it should be sent in a sealed envelope to the competition office with delivery costs paid by the applicant, by 10 December 2013 New deadline: 6 January 2014 (the date on the postal stamp will be taken as proof of the date of delivery). Envelopes can be sent by post, express courier, or delivered by hand to the following address:

    Officine Saffi srl – Open to Art International Art and Design Ceramics Competition Via Aurelio Saffi, 7 – 20123 – Milano – Italy

    All participants will receive a year’s subscription to the magazine La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo as a free gift.

Art.4 Admission Fee

The admission fee, which partially covers organizational costs, has been set at 40 (forty) euro.

Payment of the admission fee should be made in euro, without any bank charges or commissions payable by the organizers. The admission fee cannot be returned. The fee can be paid using the following systems:

- Italian postal account:
C/C n. 001011593033 in the name of Officine Saffi srl, specifying “Open to Art – International Competition,” with the artist’s name, surname, e-mail and phone number.

- On-line, by credit card and the PayPal system:

(if the credit card is not in the artist’s name, the applicant should inform the organizers as to the cardholder name and the applicant name by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

- Bank Transfer:

made out to OFFICINE SAFFI srl, specifying Open To Art International Competition, and the artist’s name and e-mail address.
Bank details: Banca Credem, branch n° 15 – BIC BACRIT21384 IBAN IT13E0303201615010000002928

Art.5 Jury

The competition will have two juries for selection: the first will select the finalists for the awards, and the second will choose the winners from the selected artists.

Art.6 Selection

First Level of Selection
By 30 January 2014, the jury will select works for admission into the competition. The works that have been accepted for the competition on the basis of the images sent cannot be replaced by other works; if the works do not correspond to the images, they will be excluded from the competition. The works themselves must reach the competition office by 3 March 2014, with all transport charges paid by the applicant. Applicants will be promptly informed of acceptance into the competition and the rules for delivery of the works.

Second level of Selection
By 11 March 2014, the Jury will view the works delivered, and will award the Officine Saffi prizes and the other secondary prizes. All the works admitted to the second level of selection will be exhibited in a show running from 2 April until 10 July 2014.
The Jury’s decisions are final and unimpeachable.

Art.7 Prizes

The winning works will become part of the Officine Saffi collection. All selected works will be exhibited in the gallery.

First prize in the Art Ceramics Category, to the value of € 5,000.00

First prize in the Design Ceramics Category, to the value of € 5,000.00

Other prizes:
Special commendation by the Carlo Zauli Museum, which will offer the opportunity to the winner support a guest artist in an artist’s residency.

Special commendation by Bitossi Ceramiche, who will offer an internship to a young applicant selected by the company.

Art.8 Catalogue

Officine Saffi will publish a special edition/catalogue for the competition.

The catalogue will be printed by Officine Saffi, who will also select the images to be published. By taking part in the competition, applicants cede all rights concerning the reproduction of images of their works to Officine Saffi.

Likewise, artists authorize the production of photographs, video, film, television or digital documentation of ther works for all the uses that Officine Saffi deems as opportune for the promotion of the competition (posters, postcards or other materials) or for its other cultural activities. A list of the works accepted will be published on the website www.laceramicainitalia.com.

Applicants will be able to purchase the catalogue at a discounted price. One copy of the catalogue will be given free to each of the finalist artists. Copies of the catalogue can be collected during the final exhibition, or they can be purchased online at the website www.laceramicainitalia.com.

Art.9 Prize-giving Ceremony

The prize-giving ceremony will take place in Milan on 2 April 2014, at the Officine Saffi gallery.

Art.10 Installation

Installation of the competition exhibition will be designed and performed exclusively by Officine Saffi.

Art.11 Responsibility

Officine Saffi, while making all efforts to ensure the safe care and custody of works entered into the competition, declines any and all responsibility in the case of theft, fire or whatever type of damage to the works, at any stage of the competition. The artist can insure the work presented, at his or her own cost and responsibility.

Art. 12 Insurance

Artists can insure their works, at their own expense and responsibility, using whatever insurance company they like, for all and any damage that the works may suffer during transportation and the time at which the works are on the organizers’ premises. Insurance policies should specifically hold Officine Saffi exempt from any legal action; Officine Saffi is not required to reimburse any damages sustained by works during the various stages of the competition. It the works are not insured, applicants specifically accept that Officine Saffi cannot be held responsible for any and all damage that the works could sustain during transport and during the entire period of the competition. If a work reaches the competition with signs of damage, it will not be exhibited.

Art.13 Despatch of works

When delivering works, applicants should ensure compliance with mandatory safety standards concerning the transport of ceramic artworks. Particular attention should be paid to packaging, insurance etc.; international customs regulations should be followed in the case of works arriving from outside the EU. For these latter works, it is essential to follow the instructions of the competition’s official technical logistics partner, Open Care - Servizi per l’Arte S.p.A.

Art.14 Return of works

Before beginning procedures of return of works to artists, Open Care - Servizi per l’Arte S.p.A. will provide all finalists an estimate for the delivery of works. Acceptance of this estimate is not obligatory. In the case that the artist entrusts delivery to Open Care - Servizi per l’Arte S.p.A., said agency will proceed with duly packing and delivering the works; for works from other countries, the agency will conduct all operations for packaging, customs procedures and ministerial obligations as determined by Italian law, with transportation chargeable to the recipient. It is the responsibility of the artist start procedures to collect his work. Officine Saffi reserves the right to freely dispose of the works for which no redelivery will be prepared from 30 days after the end date of exhibition at Officine Saffi Ceramic Arts Gallery.

Art. 15 Acceptance of Privacy Regulations

Each applicant expressly authorizes Officine Saffi for the processing of his or her personal data, in accordance with law 675/96 (Privacy law) and subsequence modifications in the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy regulations), including their presence in databanks managed by Officine Saffi. The competition organizers reserve the right to change the competition rules should this be necessary. Application for, and participation in, the competition imply the artist’s unconditional acceptance of all the articles of these competition rules.


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